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SnoozYe Cancels Kanye

SnoozYe Cancels Kanye

We know that one Mr. Kanye West has made his rounds in the news this year. From his tryst with Trump in his “Make America Great Again” cap to his TMZ blunder claiming before the world and God that “slavery was a choice” for Black Americans. 

Apparently, some folks have had enough of ‘Ye and his antics. A new Google Chrome extension is here to quiet Kanye.

Designed by Team BNE, “SnoozYe” is a new app that cancels out all West-related content.

“We can all agree that Kanye West is a musical genius,” the site says. “But in a time when our political climate is in disarray, his ‘genius’ (or however you’d like to call it) has become pretty exhausting.”

The extension is free and can be cancelled whenever. So, are you going to “SnoozYe”? Let us know in the comments.

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