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5 Ways to Change Your Life in 5 Minutes


Make your bed: It takes less than five minutes and sends a message of order and tranquility to you, and anyone else who enters your home.

Meditate: A five-minute morning meditation practice sets the tone for your day (try Meditation Oasis’s free podcast or the free Breathe app).

Log your daily food intake. It takes five minutes or less and can help you lose and keep extra pounds off (try the apps MyNetDiary or MyFitnessPal).

List positives. Write for five minutes, listing items you are grateful for or went well for you today. It will help keep you focused on the positive. Check out the 5 Minute Journal, (hardcover book or smartphone app).

Use affirmations. Catch yourself being negative toward others and yourself? Catalog those nasty thoughts, determine their opposites, and write the affirmations on mirrors or post-it notes, or even record them to listen to while you exercise. Neuroplasticity is real and we can rewire our brains to be more positive, even when we have spent many years doing the opposite.

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