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The Wu-Tang Clan and White Castle Promote Vegan Living


White Castle posted a promotional video on Instagram, featuring Wu-Tang member RZA (née Robert Fitzgerald Diggs) who told his followers to call a hotline set up to promote their meatless Impossible Slider. RZA says in the video: “Peace. My name is RZA9000, formerly known as the RZA. I have uploaded my consciousness into a supreme data system and now I possess the knowledge infinite,” the disembodied voice of RZA says in the video. “Together with the Wu-Tang Clan, we will slide through space, seek wisdom, and expand the parameters of the mind. If you are an Earthling and you need answers, call 1-833-4-SLIDER.”

RZA is a longtime vegan

The phone number connects to a recorded message, where RZA asks you to leave a “question about existence” that may be used as part of the campaign, ending the recording with: “All will be revealed. Wu-Tang in space, eating vegan Impossible Sliders—in October.” 

Watch the video below.



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