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Yep, There's Now Deodorant for Your Junk


Summer is here and it’s time to pull on your trunks and lounge by a pool or bake on your roof. But it’s also the season to think about every man’s enemy when it comes to impressing that hot tamale across the room: swamp crotch! Thankfully, Manscaped has you covered.

There’s a reason why pro footballers Julién Davenport and Michael Brockers, X Games skater Marcelo Bastos Ferreira, and MMA star Darrion “The Wolf” Caldwell all swear by Manscaped products. For active guys, maintaining hygiene is especially important. All that friction creates sweat and funky odors that can put off your next hook up.

Whether you’re landscaping your nether region, or just want to moisturize or deodorize, the engineers at Manscaped have designed tools specifically targeting your junk that leave you and your bae satisfied with the entire package.

I swear by Manscaped, too. Its most popular products include state-of-the-art trimmers and safety razors; the Crop Preserver, a genital moisturizer that is also a residue-free, anti-chafing deodorant; and the Crop Reviver spray, a performance-ready toner and refresher that acts as both a deodorant or post-workout reviver and features pH regulation for scent and freshness control. Additionally, the company offers The Perfect Package set ($50), featuring the entire Manscaped product line, including precision-engineered tools, unique formulations, and accessories to help keep all your tools organized. (

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