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Pop Lock And Turn Out

Steven Trumon

The secret to dancing in the sheets is actually doing it more outside the bedroom. But can building stamina and perfecting your moves be as fun in a gym? Maybe not, but the answer to achieving the best workout of your life might still be in getting your groove on.

Gym classes have changed. They’re no longer just for aerobic-loving white chicks, Soul Cyclists, and Zumba enthusiasts. In New York City, Boston, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C., instructors at 305 Fitness get you ready by killing the lights, switching on an LED show, cuing the DJ to spin mad beats, and creating a full-on dance experience with nonstop cardio; followed by sports drills, conditioning exercises, and high intensity interval training.

The best part is you’ll be having so much fun you won’t even realize you’re working out (plus, sexy people in wild abandon never hurts).

No dance experience is required at 305 Fitness, which offers what trainers call “easy-to-follow choreography that incorporates equal elements of dance and fitness.” They add, “if you feel lost, follow the foot patterns and add the arms when you feel good. You will find after just three classes, you’re practically a pro. Added perk: many of our clients report they have become much better dancers over time by attending class consistently.”

Halfway through each class, instructors lead a sculpting section targeting different parts of the body, followed by a five-minute interval training with sprints. Classes end after more dancing, a cool down, and stretching. Although the gym’s pop-up location, Playground LA, doesn’t have showers, the other locations have full-service locker rooms. (

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