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Is Brandon Anthony the Nightlife King of WeHo?

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Brandon Anthony, founder and CEO of Brandon Anthony’s Socialite House (B.A.S.H.)—and curator of Summer B.A.S.H. and Los Angeles Urban Pride — has become the new face and voice of the L.A. social scene. Hailing from New Orleans, the promoter and emcee now stands as a force in the City of Angeles and beyond.

Anthony and his company have brought premier talent and brand activation to venues across the country, but particularly to the heart of West Hollywood, Calif. Known for its nightlife and social happenings, from cool bars to hot dance clubs, the city has long held the promise of a good time. Yet, the entrepreneur recognized the demand for more programming that celebrates the urban experience.

“There was a need for it; there was a market,” he says. “There was a niche for Black gay men. I get gratification in putting us in spaces that we might not normally be welcomed or invited.”

Many know Anthony from B.A.S.H. (@bashlaevents), but in fact he got his start on stage as a trained actor. “I worked summer stock theater in L.A.,” he recalls. “I moved to L.A. after graduation in 2009, planning on staying a year.” But, he says he “fell in love” with the city.

Having made entry into the nightlife and promotion scene to support his work as an actor, Anthony soon ended up crafting a life planning events. He teamed up with a friend to host a party at a club and it was successful.

“Second party — complete opposite,” he recalls. That didn’t stop him, though. “We kept trying and trying. Soon we switched venues. A friend of mine wanted to host a party at a well-known club in West Hollywood during L.A. Pride. We thought it would be a win-win since people would already be out for the event. So, we did it, and it was great. About a month later, the owners called us back and said they were thinking about doing a weekly event at the club, and they wanted it to be big. At the first party, there were 1,500 people. That’s when we thought, yeah, this could be big. And just like that it’s been boom, boom, boom.”

Since then, the B.A.S.H. empire has only gotten bigger, with more events, venues, and big-name talent. While the actor and promoter has been hailed as the King of West Hollywood by some, his brand has begun to touch all over the country. He is program coordinator for Las Vegas PRIDE and works with Tempted 2 Touch in Las Vegas, as well as putting on events over Memorial Day weekend in D.C. and Labor Day weekend in Atlanta.

“Because I also emcee and promote and host, events like to work with me. They get more bang for their buck,” he says. “They get a package deal.”

As a theater and film actor, Anthony knows all about stage presence. Known for his bold, yet charismatic aura and unmistakable swagger, he creates a signature experience known to bring out the crowds and keep them jumping.But there’s more to the man than the lights and the mic.

“Me on stage is really just me acting like I’m a rapper in my head, but it works out,” he laughs. “And it helps my brand. People began to know me for creating a good time, and people began to look forward to coming to L.A. just for that. It’s funny when people see me outside, they think I’m just hyped up all the time. Brandon Anthony the man is completely chill.”

Suave, charismatic, and attractive, he embodies the urban gentleman with Southern roots — an influence he says he’ll never lose. As he approaches his 10-year mark in Los Angeles, he says the South has been calling him. “I feel like I’ve done everything there is to do in L.A. I haven’t reached the peak of my success, but I feel like I have accomplished enough to where financial stability alone isn’t the most important thing anymore.”

Anthony is working on his bicoastal status now, looking to expand his footprint to Atlanta as soon as summer 2020. “My ultimate goal is to have my own club and to executive produce films. L.A. has taught me to always think about what’s next. I do think I will end up back in L.A., but I think I could do some great things in Atlanta.”

And like many Southern men, Anthony upholds faith and family, citing his grandmother and God as his greatest influences and inspirations. For him, family is key. “That’s another reason I want to move back. I want to raise children in the South. I want two boys, and I want them to have that Southern hospitality, to raise them as Southern gentlemen.”

Along with his values, Anthony keeps a pretty strong sense of balance. “I work and go home. It’s amazing to me that I’m able to do what I do for business and my personal life has nothing to do with my business. But, don’t get me wrong, there are times when I am completely alone, because my friends are equally as busy. And I don’t mind.”

With his sense of unapologetic authenticity and self-assuredness, Anthony has been a part of redefining the face of Black manhood, and understanding how coming into one’s own is a journey.

“It’s all a work in progress. I don’t let the good things people say go too much to my head,” he says. “I make sure, as best I can, to not let the bad things get to me. But it’s a gift and a curse. I have the Cardi B Syndrome: I say whatever the fuck I want to say, I don’t give a fuck where I am, or who’s listening. I’m gonna be me and let people be themselves. Being successful is a job to focus on itself. Whatever you want to do, do it fearlessly. And don’t care what anybody says. Everybody’s got a mouth. Let them talk.”

Another secret to Anthony’s success is his willingness to collaborate: “My goal is to build a team to operate. I always try to work with other people, but no matter how nice you are, some people just don’t want to. I have a mission, and you’re gonna either work with me or you’re not, because I’m gonna be here.”

He also encourages other entrepreneurs to walk in their truth as well. “Never give up,” he advises. “There is power in consistency. Have that confidence and never give up on what you want to do or be. Just do you and honestly don’t give a fuck what anyone says. At all. Period.”

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