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Let "The Titan Games" Begin

Let "The Titan Games" Begin


Premiering on January 3 on NBC, The Titan Games is set to “inspire everyday people to push themselves to achieve the impossible.

Hosted by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, the 10-episode series will offer athletes the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to tackle unique obstacles and overcome their own personal reservations. Those who can withstand the challenge have the chance to become a Titan and win a grand prize of $100,000.

As one of the show’s commentators, Liam McHugh, described it, “The Titan Games is a chance for everyday athletes to become everyday heroes." Super-strong competitors take on super-size head-to-head courses to knock over 1,000-pound walls, position and light 600-pound torches, and play a blind tug of war. 

Each episode features four female and four male athletes in two rounds of paired battles, with a finale pitting the best of both groups. There are commentators, a sideline reporter and, of course, Johnson, who introduces the battles and gives prerace pep talks. In all, 64 contestants are whittled down to one male Titan and one female Titan.

Check out The Titan Games January 3 at 8/7c on NBC.

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