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Tyler, The Creator Swapped Pronouns In "Sometimes" Performance

Tyler, the Creator

Tyler, the Creator switched up pronouns during a performance of his 2017 track “Sometimes” at Hellow Festival in Monterrey, Mexico — swapping “you” with “he” and “his” throughout the piece during a show in August. 

He rapped: “Sometimes, I sit in my room and think about us… He got them long lashes, couldn’t get the dirt in em’ // Curls on his head look like waves I’ma surf in em.’”

Dang, talk about a smooth transition! Tyler, the Creator has been open about his bisexuality and spoke about it in his 2017 album, Flower Boy, but this subtle change to the lyrics is not only powerful, but it makes a large statement to the hip-hop community overall to be more inclusive. 

Chill is all about breaking barriers and bucking norms, so hats off, Tyler, the Creator for telling your story authentically. Check it out below: 

Tyler replacing ‘you’ with ‘he’ pronouns whilst singing the alternate version of Sometimes at Hellow Festival the other day!! amazing from r/tylerthecreator

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