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Nicki Minaj's New Video Proves Her Freestyle Prowess

Niki Minaj Confirms She's the Illest

Nicki Minaj's Barbie Dreams single might be the best freestyle rap song in the history of hip-hop. There are parts where you can feel Minaj pushing the limits of her vocals here — but no one came for the ballads — it's all about the rhymes she's spitting like an automatic rifle with killer word play rivaling Eminem. According to Rolling Stone Minaj freestyled 90 percent of the album in one take.

The rapper's new Hype Williams-directed video of the song features more costume changes than Aretha's funeral and enough puppet characters to take over Sesame Street.

Minaj's tongue-in-cheek shaming of everyone from Drake to 50 Cent get the full muppet treatment, including a cameo by Lil Wayne.

Watch the video below.


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