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Taylor Bennett's New Album Is Dope AF

Taylor Bennett's New Album Is Dope AF!

Fans don’t have to wait any longer for Taylor Bennett latest album, Be Yourself. The new release has a total of six songs, including a feature collaboration with Young Thug called “Better Than You Ever Been”. Not to mention, it features sick collabs with Bianca Shaw, Supa BWE and Zxxc. 

Plucked from the South Side of Chicago, Bennet (who let’s not forget is the younger brother of Chance the Rapper) is rising in the hip-hop scene. Recently, Interview named him the “Next Generation Rapper” as well as 2018’s breakout stars.

Last year, he came out as bisexual using his music to express the importance of coming out. It’s no surprise that his album takes listeners to a deeper level as the young star holds a mirror to himself and the world. 

Enamored by the idea of transparency, the Chicago-bred MC has spent the last year working on his upcoming project he explained in a statement as “reading from his journal.” The intimate, sometimes uncomfortable, honest truth is something he felt necessary to speak about. Recently, he shared his thoughts intimately on social media with his fans. 

"No one is innocent in this conversation & no group of people are at fault for the flaws in Our society but as a unit we are judged by the choices & systems we design to upheld Power & Capital amongst certain communities based upon skin color, sexuality , gender & Above. Im not saying Be Black, Be Gay Or Be Different I’m Just saying 'Be Yourself...'"

Got a few minutes to chill? Check out his beats here: 

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