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Bird Box's Success Says We Want More Kisses Like This

Netflix's Data Driven Hit 'Bird Box' Confirms Viewers Want Diversity

A fascinating article in Slate deconstructs the success of Netflix's biggest hit original movie Bird Box starring Sandra Bullock. They say that we want more representation and Netflix "is delivering to an audience that their data, in defiance of conventional wisdom, has told them exists."

"Netflix is a company driven by data, even though for the most part it keeps that data shrouded in secrecy. But looking at some of the streaming service’s most-touted titles — which should logically also be its most popular — suggests that a diverse cast yields a diverse audience." Slate said.

The film has two love scenes, both of which are between interracial couples, yet these differences are never addressed or remarked on in the narrative — something that aligns with contemporary views on race and gender.

"Bird Box may not be a perfect film, but it works because Netflix is delivering to an audience who wants to see themselves surviving the apocalypse, that wants to see relationships they recognize, and that wants to see heroes who look like them. Bird Box may not deliver much else, but it certainly delivers that," they conclude.

For a completely different point of view read  Michael Harriot of The Root's hysterical review where he posits that Bird Box "Is Really About How White People Don't Want to See Racism."




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