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This One’s a Shaboozey!

This One’s a Shaboozey!

Shaboozey is disrupting the rap community in a dope way. The critically acclaimed artist flaunts many titles: rapper, singer, producer, screenwriter, and auteur. Early this month, Shaboozey unveiled his debut project, Lady Wrangler – a psychedelic, evocative, and engaging album re-envisioning the very blueprint of rap itself.

Shaboozey hit the scene hard in 2017 with ‘Robert Plant,’ sampling a portion of Led Zeppelin's ‘Ramble On.’ The song titled after Robert Plant was no coincidence either. Shaboozey lets us know that Plant is among a list of muses who inspire him – others including NASCAR, Francis Ford Coppola, and Roger Waters. Soon after Shaboozey hit the scene, he inked a deal with Republic Records.

His first single, titled “Winning Streak,” drummed up some major buzz – enough to garner the artist a cool 8 million streams on Spotify.

In a statement from Republic Records, “Lady Wrangler runs the gamut from the intimate invocation of the airy and acoustic guitar-backed ‘Regina’ to the wildly bold and braggadocious banger ‘I Came Up’ and rhyme mastery of ‘The Plan.’ Most importantly, it showcases the breadth of his expansive, entrancing, and engaging vision.”

We’re lit for Lady Wrangler and looking ahead to see how Shaboozey continues trailblazing toward a new rap frontier.

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